Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Randomness

I thought I'd post a bunch of random things that we've been doing lately.

About a month ago, we got a case of head lice. With 5 girls I've kind of become the head lice expert (much to my dismay). This time around, Lauren and Kohler had it. With Lauren we had to go through her hair day after day like normal...but with Kohler, we just buzzed him. How easy is that?  So much better.

Buzzing the hair.

Silly Boy

He may look like a prison convict, but at least he's lice free (and still handsome of course)


After 4 years of living in our house, we FINALLY decided to paint! Painting has always been a little intimidating to me, but I buckled down and got some paint.

 Everyone helped out. Of course it's fun to deface the wall--that's why we had to paint it in the first place. :)

Hanna enjoyed painting as well.

 We decided to do our nooks in contrasting colors. Jason helped a lot!

Putting on the finishing touches

The next three pictures are the end product with pictures and decorations back on the wall. I think it turned out really nice.

 The best part of it is that it's washable. Already Brynlie has been able to wash off pencil and marker. :)  Goodbye hand prints and drawings!


Alyssa and Kamary went to a Daddy Daughter Dance for our church. They were able to get all dressed up. Here is a picture of Alyssa (Kamary didn't want a picture taken). The amazing thing to me was how long it took for the two of them to decide what to wear. Seriously! The scary's only beginning.

Pretty Alyssa all dressed up.


Alyssa and Kohler have been working very hard in school this past week so I took them to the school carnival. I figured it would be a great reward for working hard and it would also give them (the middle two) some extra attention. Sometimes it's easy to overlook them because they are so easy going and don't DEMAND my attention like other siblings do. I really try to make an effort to give them love and affection. Spending a little time with just the two of them was a great way to do just that.

There was a reptile show and Kohler got to pet an alligator.

Here he is petting another kind of reptile (I'm not sure what it's called).

After a little peer pressure, Alyssa decided to go ahead and pet the alligator.

Alyssa rode the mechanical bull. She lasted about 2 seconds.

Kohler's favorite part was playing Laser Tag.

 Alyssa got to spend time with her friend Ashlyn. They are cute together because they look like they could be sisters. They both are about the same size, have blond hair, big blue eyes and freckles. Cute.

Alyssa also spent some time with her other friend Scotland. Scotland and Ashlyn fight over Alyssa at times, which can be hard, but one of Alyssa's gifts is being a good friend.

Kohler and Alyssa also got 2 snow cones and had a lot of fun bouncing in the bouncy houses. Someone was selling marshmallow guns made out of PVC pipe. We decided that it would be a fun project for Kohler.


Our HOA put in a Frisbee golf course. I guess it's the hottest new sport or something like that. Anyway, we decided to pile everyone in the car and try it out for ourselves.

 The car gets pretty crowded with 6 kids and two dogs (especially if one is an English Mastiff). Luckily we were only driving a couple of blocks away.

 Another car shot.

 Alyssa and Smokie are resting in the grass. Yes, we can have green grass in Arizona. It just takes A LOT of work!

We spotted a little owl while we were there.

 Minnie and Smokie waiting for everyone to go. Maybe we should change the words of the song from "On top of Old Smokie" to "On top of sweet Minnie" or "Old Smokie on top of Minnie" or...I think I'll leave the puns to my dad. :P It is a lot of fun having both a huge and a tiny dog.

 Alyssa got her Frisbee in the goal. Now she's just waiting for everyone else.


My sister-in-law is a stylist. I wanted to be a little crazy and decided to go RED.

 My hair matches the walls!

Here is one away from the red walls. :)  I really like it. It's a fun change.

Here are some more random pics:

I love this picture. Kohler's watching a movie.

The dogs playing. Minnie is really gentle and sweet with Smokie. Smokie is all bark. She sounds ferocious, but in the end is just a scaredy cat puppy. 

Here is Brynlie and her cousin Kendra taking a bath. They LOVE baths!

Some of Hanna's latest artwork:

Night Fairy

Hanna paints posters and then hangs them on her wall.

Well, that's about all of my rambling about randomness.