Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I was blessed to have a wonderful father. So, since it's 2011, I thought I'd share 11 reasons why my dad is great!

1- My dad is a great example of learning. He finds something he's interested in and learns all about it.

2- My dad is a people person. He's not afraid to walk up to a complete stranger and start talking to them.

3- My dad is a righteous man. He is such a great example of one who serves the Lord.

4- My dad is a funny man. He is the world's best punster and although I roll my eyes, it's endearing.

5- My dad loves the outdoors. I love camping and hiking with him.

6- My dad loves children. My kids feel his love for them whenever we're together.

7- My dad is a hard worker. He spends many hours helping my mom around the house.

8- My dad is an explorer. He loves to travel and experience the world around him.

9- My dad is a peacemaker. He tries to keep family relations close.

10- My dad is a worthy priesthood holder. I have benifited from many father's blessings.

11- My dad is insightful. He always seem to know what's best for me.

As you can see, I have the most wonderful father EVER!  I love you Dad!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

14 years to forever!

Today, Jason and I are celebrating our 14 year anniversary.

In some ways I feel like I've been married forever. In other ways the time has completely flown. I look back at our pictures and think, "We were so young...and naive." We really didn't know each other at all! Now here we are 14 years later...with 6 kids, 2 dogs, a lot of bills and even more love. It's been a crazy roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Of course no one wants to focus on the downs, so...I'm going to write a favorite memory from each year that we've been married. Warning: this could get kind of sappy. : )

1- The look! You know...the look that Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy gives to Elizabeth Bennett. The look that makes women swoon...Well, I remember getting ready for the reception on our wedding day by playing the piano and I turned around to see Jason, giving me "the look". That moment is burned into my memory.

2- This was the year that our roles were reversed. Jason played Mr. Mom, while I went to work at my internship all day. I was thankful that he gave up that year of his education so I could finish and graduate. It's one of many times that he has given up his time so that I could pursue my hobbies and ambitions. Not all men would do that!

3-This is when Jason and I started reading the Harry Potter books together. It was a journey that we shared together for many years...all the way until the end of book 7.

4- This year, we would take off for a weekend and go to New York City, or Washington DC. It was a very free and spontaneous time in our lives and we had a lot of adventures. This is when we took our two kids and climbed the spiral staircase of the Statue of Liberty to her crown at the very top. We shed some serious sweat and prayers, hoping we would get back down in one piece (terrifying).'s a great memory.

5-This year we had our own little vacation, just the two of us. We left the kids with Grandma and went to the Nauvoo, Illinois temple dedication. We also wandered around Hannibal, MO (Mark Twain's hometown). It was great to have time with just the two of us.

6-This year, our daughter Alyssa was born. We were both very emotional during this time and whenever the song "Arms Wide Open" from Creed came on, we'd both get teary eyed.

7- This year, we played in a garage band together...well more like a living room band. Jason played drums, I played bass and friends from our ward played guitar and keyboard. It was a fun thing to do together.

8- This was the year that we moved into our very own home (still a rental, but not an apartment). We made so many great friends in this ward and I felt like we grew closer together as a couple.

9- This year, Jason sang to me on Valentine's Day. He sang "Now and Forever" by Richard Marx. That is now our official song and I will never hear that song again without thinking about Jason. His singing makes me melt (especially when he's singing to me).

10-This is the year that we got our first dog. Jason had a friend from work giving away free puppies. We went over there and picked out Rosie. She only stayed with us for a year and a half but even now, Lauren (who was just a baby at the time) talks about Rosie and how much she misses her.

11- This is the year we moved to Maricopa (and we're still here which is amazing). Soon after we moved here, Jason got called to be the Elders Quorum President in our ward. I was so proud of him that his life was worthy to hold the priesthood and serve the Lord in this calling.

12- We bought our very first home! It was an amazing accomplishment, something we had looked forward to for so long. I love when Jason comes home from work and gives me a big hug. It makes all the stress from the day just slip away.

13- One night, after the kids went to bed, we headed outside and looked at the stars. Jason showed me several star constellations and we looked through our telescope. It was one of the best dates ever.

14- We went out on the town one night (it doesn't happen very often) to a Pat Metheny concert. I didn't even know who he was. But being together just the two of us and having Jason hold my hand or rub my back during the concert...I felt like we were falling in love all over again (sappy maybe, but true).

As I look into the future to the next 14 years, I wonder what our life will be like. Hanna will be 27, Kamary 24, Alyssa 22, Kohler 20, Lauren 18 and Brynlie 16. Yikes! I could be a Grandma! If it goes as fast as these past 14 years did...I better brace myself!

Happy Anniversary, Jason! I love you!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Addition!

 We have a new addition to our family!

 She's a Chiuaua/Maltese mix. Her owners gave her the name of Jessica but we'll probably change it. We just can't agree on the name. So far we have Jesse, Jessita, Daisy, Droplet, Blossom, Little Smokie....
 She's pretty feisty and holds her own with Minnie. (Sorry about the blurry picture. It's hard to get 2 dogs to hold still for a picture).

They actually have a lot of fun together and Minnie is very gentle with her.

Just because of her size she gets privledges that poor Minnie doesn't. I mean a 120 lb. dog just can't fit into our bed or laps.

She's full of energy and snuggles. We love to having her in our family!

Kamary's Got Talent!

This past week Kamary participated in the school talent show. I was very proud of her for facing her fears by trying out and then following through by performing in the talent show, even though she felt a little insecure and nervous about singing in front of people. She did a great job and I think it was a positive experience for her.

There was a technical difficulty and I couldn't upload the video of Kamary singing. I'm going to try again stay tuned.