Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I was blessed to have a wonderful father. So, since it's 2011, I thought I'd share 11 reasons why my dad is great!

1- My dad is a great example of learning. He finds something he's interested in and learns all about it.

2- My dad is a people person. He's not afraid to walk up to a complete stranger and start talking to them.

3- My dad is a righteous man. He is such a great example of one who serves the Lord.

4- My dad is a funny man. He is the world's best punster and although I roll my eyes, it's endearing.

5- My dad loves the outdoors. I love camping and hiking with him.

6- My dad loves children. My kids feel his love for them whenever we're together.

7- My dad is a hard worker. He spends many hours helping my mom around the house.

8- My dad is an explorer. He loves to travel and experience the world around him.

9- My dad is a peacemaker. He tries to keep family relations close.

10- My dad is a worthy priesthood holder. I have benifited from many father's blessings.

11- My dad is insightful. He always seem to know what's best for me.

As you can see, I have the most wonderful father EVER!  I love you Dad!!

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