Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday!

I'm still in catch up mode. Brynlie turned 4 in November. It was so funny because all last year her favorite number was 3. She wanted 3 cookies, or 3 scoops of ice cream. I always had to sing 3 songs at bedtime and of course we had to stand in check-out isle 3. Her favorite game was to go through the UNO cards and find all the number 3s. Well, now that she has turned 4, the number 3 is long forgotten. I was afraid she'd adopt the number 4 as a favorite, but so far we're safe. Now she gets however many scoops I want to give her and she gets 1 song for bedtime (of course her siblings also get to choose so she really hears 3-4 songs a night).

This was the year that she really understood what birthdays were all about. She was so excited!
It was such a lovely day outside so for lunch we had a picnic at the park. It was fun to get out of the house. In the evening we had a little party. It was low-key, but we still had fun.

Our sweet blue eyed Brynlie

This was her new birthday outfit. She loved the little bow on the shoulder.

Brynlie has a thing for blue kitties. So it's only natural to have a blue kitty cake for her birthday! Kamary did the decorating honors.
The Blue Kitty with her blue kitty cake.
 Blowing out the candles


It was a small party--just me and the kids. But we had fun anyway.

Of course a blue kitty cake HAS to be blue (although it turned out more green after baking). 
Present time!

Everyone gets so excited about presents. Luckily they are good at sharing.

Opening Grandma & Grandpa's gift.

Cute puppets.

I just love this 4 year old!
All about Brynlie:
Of course, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Brynlie is now Moopy, the Blue Kitty.
So I really should say...
 All about Moopy, The Blue Kitty
Favorite Food:
Favorite Song:
I Love To See The Temple
Favorite Story:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Favorite Scripture Story:
David and Goliath
Favorite Thing About Primary:
Throwing the Ball
Favorite Color:
Blue, of course!
Favorite TV Show:
Dora the Explorer and Diego
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Disney Princess:
Fun Things to Do:
Play Blue Kitties with Lauren, work, go to preschool, color
Something Special About Me:
Brynlie loves to sing. In fact, many times we find her running around in circles, belting out her favorite tune. While waiting in a long line at the grocery store, Brynlie brought some Christmas cheer by singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs. She sure won a lot of smiles.


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