Thursday, March 4, 2010

Going Retro!

Today was "All about 80's" day at school!

This is how our conversation went this morning...

Child: "What should I wear for 80's day?"

Me: "Well, let's see...I wore....."

I've had several experiences lately that have been letting me "feel my age" and this is no exception. It was very strange explaining 80's fashion to my kids. I kept saying, "Too bad we don't have converse shoes," or "Oh, if only I had a banana clip right now!"

I even wished I had some Jelly Bracelets! That would have been perfect!

I did have to say that I had fun ratting Alyssa's bangs! She was so embarrased to have "shaggy bangs", but I assured her that everyone would think that she looked "Totally Awesome!"
The picture doesn't show it, but Kamary is wearing Jelly shoes!! I tried to do her hair in a sideways ponytail, but it was too short.

When we got to the office, everyone gushed over Alyssa's bangs!!

Kohler wasn't in the picture, but he has longer hair on top so I feathered it back. We also rolled up his jeans (a must).

It's too bad that I got rid of all my concert T-shirts and jean jackets (Kamary's vest is as good as we could get). And my blue eye shadow and purple lipstick have been missing for years.

But it was a lot of fun to dress 80's. It took me back to the "Good Old Days!"


Kate said...

What about two pair of socks, one white or black and the other a color that coordinates with your shirt, and of course you must peg your jeans and tuck them into your socks.

pdwheeler said...

Alyssa sure looks different with her bangs all ratted up. It makes her look a little older.

Kristal said...

LOL I can't believe I'm seeing a lot of that stuff back in stores! Wicked cool :)