Sunday, March 7, 2010


"In these difficult economic times," is a phrase I hear almost everyday. The truth is that my whole married life has been a "difficult economic time". One of the great things that comes out of financial struggles is the art of trading services.

Lately I've traded music lessons for home organization and photography. I teach a girl clarinet lessons and her mom does family pictures for us. It works out well because both can be pretty expensive.

Here are some pictures that she has taken of my kids.





She just did pictures of Kohler and Lauren this weekend. I'll probably have more to post next week. She also did the family picture that's at the top of my blog. She does a great job and I think this trading thing has benefited both of us!


LISA said...

Wishing I had something to trade for pictures! WOW! They are great!

LISA said...
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JAG said...

What a beautiful family you have!!