Sunday, April 11, 2010


Spring soccer has begun!

This season, Kohler and Alyssa wanted to play.

Kohler doesn't have a competitive bone in his body! He is so easy going.

Getting ready for the game
Here is the action!

Kohler's getting there- eventually

Lauren watching the game

Go #2!

For some reason, Alyssa's coach always plays her as a defender. She waits for the ball to come her way and gets pretty distracted.

Waiting for the ball

This is a common posistion

Alyssa! Get the ball!!

She likes being on a team and is a great runner!


Shannon said...

love the 'getting there' for true! and the action...tooo fun!

Jen said...

Kohler and Christian have the same uniforms-too bad they're not on the same team-maybe Kohler would "get there" faster. :)
p.s. I finally updated my blog so you can check it again. :)