Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday was my birthday.

I have to say, I love facebook. In the past a lot of people forgot my birthday because it is on the first day of the month (at least that's what they tell me). But yesterday I logged into facebook and had tons of birthday wishes from my dear friends. I felt very loved.

I had to do some training for my new job and was gone for most of the day. It was kind of a bummer that I didn't have the whole day to do birthday fun, but I still had a good day. In between training sessions I was able to catch a movie. Life is very ironic. As a teenager I thought that going to a movie or really anywhere else by yourself meant that you were a major looser. But I have to say, I had no qualms about going all by myself!

In the evening we had a birthday dinner of chicken dippers, potato skins and spinach/artichoke dip. Then we had cake and ice cream.
Jason forgot about candles and so we just used what we had. I don't mind being 21 again!

It was a busy day, but a fun day too. The kids were very sweet. Hanna painted me a picture and Kamary made me breakfast, gave me a back rub and wrote a poem. Kohler gave me a kiss on the cheek and both Alyssa & Lauren gave me sweet hugs. Brynlie just smiled.

It was a great day.

Whenever my kids have a birthday, I spotlight them. So I thought I'd spotlight myself.

Favorite Food: Chinese

Favorite Dessert: Brownies with cherry pie filling & ice cream on top

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Song: This changes constantly, but right now it's "Why" by Rascal Flatts. I'm really on a Rascal Flatts kick right now.

Favorite Band: Right now, Rascal Flatts

Favorite Activity: Writing & Reading

Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice (but any Jane Austen is up there)

Favorite Book: Traitor by Sandra Gray

Favorite Scripture Story: Joseph in Egypt

If I had $1,000,000: I would be sensible and pay off my debt, then I would travel the world and reside in a beautiful victorian beach home. I would like to do some research on epilepsy and autism. Other things I'd like to do is pay off my in-laws mortgage, take my parents on a cruise, learn how to sail... maybe a million dollars isn't enough. :)

Goals: My biggest goal is to have a happy, eternal family and somehow raise my children to be happy well adjusted adults. The other less significant dreams and goals are: to be a published author, publish my songs and musical arrangements, and to see this beautiful world (I have a whole list of places that I want to see).


mattyanddeidre said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you had a good day! Your cake looks so delicious!

Janus said...

I'm glad that you had a good birthday. You deserve it, and I also don't have a problem going to the movies by myself. In my opinion, it's quite enjoyable. So, I'm right there with you.

Kate said...

I loved the spotlight, and as long as your Victorian Beach house didn't cost too much, I am sure you could do all that for $1,000,000 in fact I would hope to have the money too so I could do many of those same things, do you think I could tag along?

Rachael said...

Happy (late) birthday! It sounds like a wonderful day! I'm like you - the simplest things mean the most...


Kristal said...

Well, at least you didn't have to do whatwe did for Chris last night - a candle for each decade! LOL