Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

This past weekend, Jason and Kohler went on a Father & Sons camping trip.

This time instead of going to Mt. Lemmon near Tuscon, they headed north to the White Mountains.
Jason swore he found "God's Thumb" from the movie Holes.
Kohler at the Lake

They spent their time catching Crawdads.

Jason said they were all over in the water

Looks beautiful. They had great weather, a big bonfire and a lot of fun.

While the boys were gone...we had a Girl Party.

We had pizza for dinner and watched Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.

Then we did hair, makeup and nails. I'm so jealous-- all of my girls have the thickest and longest eyelashes. They definitely didn't get that from me. They all looked so pretty-- the camera doesn't do them justice

Brynlie-- it was hard to get a shot of her because she kept moving around.




Because of the flash, it was hard to see Alyssa's hair. Here's the back.

Even Hanna our self-proclaimed "Tom Boy" joined in and let me put make up on and curl her hair.

Pretty Nails

Even our dog Minnie got a turn

My sweet girls

We ended the night by decorating mini cupcakes

We had blue, pink & chocolate frosting

Adding the sprinkles

The finished product

We had a lot of fun together and the boys did too.

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pdwheeler said...

Love the hair dos. Hanna looks cute with her short hair curled.