Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brynlie is 2!!

This month starts our crazy holiday season where we celebrate three birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all within two months!

This past week was Brynlie's birthday! She's the baby of the family and I can't believe she's already 2! When she was born I thought, "When she's 2, Hanna will be 12, Kamary will be 10 and Alyssa will be getting ready to be baptized, Kohler will be in school and Lauren will be 4!" I couldn't imagine it...and now here we are. It's crazy how fast time flies and how quickly they grow up. We love Brynlie and enjoy her fun personality every day!

She finally has the present unwrapping thing down. She didn't need any help from siblings this year and she let them know it!

Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler gave her a stuffed monkey. She really loved it. She calls every mammal a monkey. She has started calling the dog "pooch-monkey". It's really cute.

Cuddling with the monkey.

Opening more presents.

Siblings kept trying to help and Brynlie told them "Mine," all day. I don't know where she learned it, I think it's an inherent two year old thing because she had never said it until her birthday.

Hanna worked really hard painting this picture for Brynlie. We're going to hang it on her wall.
Brynlie got a pull dog toy for her birthday. She really likes it.
Brynlie's favorite song is "Lollipop". Every time we're in the car she wants me to play it, so naturally, we made her a lollipop cake!

I think she approves.

Yummy cake.

She also got a baby stroller for her birthday. She's waiting for Dad to put it all together.

Here's our sweet Brynlie. Such a big girl. Of course, she wouldn't be two without throwing a tantrum and she rose to the task, several times, actually.

With the stroller done, she zoomed around the house.

Here she is with her stroller, bear and new birthday princess jammies.

She got this bear from Grandma & Grandpa Smith. She loved it!

Mommy in training.

Against my better judgement, she also got bubbles for her birthday.
Here is a cute video of Brynlie blowing out the candles!


Favorite Song: Lollipop

Favorite Movie: Baby Einstein (especially the animal ones)

Favorite Story: Little Lamb

Favorite Food: Bananas (if I let her, she'd eat them all day)

Favorite Activity: She loves to sing and dance. She loves listening to music, playing with her big sisters and she loves to get "pretty"--painting nails and dressing up.

Favorite Color: Pink

Funny Sayings: She's talking so much now. She says no, which means yes. Says Mom for both Mom & Dad, calls every mammal a monkey, she can sing Hannah Montana, High School Musical and more. When we're in the car and listening to music she says, "Turn it up."

Nicknames: Binnie, Brynners, B

Other fun things: She loves to go out. She'll get her shoes on and wants to "go". She loves going to the store and being outside. She loves to say her prayers, playing with Dad, and she loves to jump, jump, jump. She is such a fun little girl and we all love her to pieces. We're so glad she's part of our family.

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pdwheeler said...

What a fun birthday. You always do something fun.