Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veterans Day at the Zoo

For Veterans Day we decided to go to the Zoo-- us and everyone else in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area! It was very crowded and we had to park about a mile away but we still had a great time.

Brynlie & Kohler outside the new Koala exhibit. They were really cute, they looked like stuffed animals.

Looking at the Wallabies.

Climbing trees.

I love this picture!

Sweet Lauren.

Resting in the stroller.

The Zoo has a carousel and every time we go, the kids want to ride it. So this time I FINALLY let them.


Brynlie. She wasn't sure about the ride. As soon as it started, she said, "Down."


Lauren was so happy! She's so cute.

It was a tiring but fun day out with the kids.


Jennifer Griffith said...

These are darling pics. What a fun day--and the perfect time of year for the zoo in Phoenix! What cute kids you have.

pdwheeler said...

It looked like a fun day. The kids are growing up so fast. We miss them.