Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July!

 We love the 4th of July! We celebrated by listening to patriotic music, watching documentaries and movies about America, making sugar cookies, having a BBQ and of course...fireworks!  This year was really fun because Kamary learned about the Revolutionary War in school this year so celebrating July 4th took on a whole new meaning for her.

 Here are some of our patriotic cookies.

More patriotic cookies.

 We started our morning with a pancake breakfast at the church.

 They had water games outside to keep nice and cool.

 Here are Lauren, Brynlie, Alyssa & Kohler playing outside.

 The kids are lining up for the parade. Kamary was a candy thrower.
 Lauren carried the flag during the parade.

 Even though the water games were for the kids, the "big boys" had the most fun, starting a huge water fight.

 Alyssa, my tree climber.

 Here is a game we played with the guys on one side...

 ...and the kids on the other.

The kids had to transfer water from a cup on their head to a water bottle on the adult's head. Most of the water ran down their faces instead of reaching the water bottle.

 The end result of the water fight. I even got wet (a little).

 These were our 4th of July cupcakes we made.

After the pancake breakfast we went swimming with Jason's sister, Charlene and her family and then had a BBQ. At night we went to the park and watched the fireworks. There were some fireworks that exploded into smiley faces. It was a fun day.

This is a random picture but I thought it worked well here. Over the summer, Kamary wanted to have fun with her hair so we gave her a blue stripe in. It should wash out by the time school starts.

She really likes it. She thinks it makes her look like a rockstar! :)

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