Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stake Service Day

In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the welfare program of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints our Stake held a day of service.  We traveled to the little city of Ajo, AZ, less than an hour from the US Border. We spent the day pulling weeds and grooming the grounds of their local cemetery.

Alyssa's plugged in and ready to go. 

Poor puppy. She wants to go too. 

Sorry about the sideways picture. It's straight on my computer. Anyway, here's Dad and Hanna working. 

Kamary and Hanna. The kids were really good. They all had great attitudes and helped out without complaining. I wish we could get them to do that at home with their regular chores. ;) 

 Dad and Alyssa. You would think that I didn't do anything but take pictures, but that's not true. :)

In the morning, the little kiddos were at the church doing some activities while the 3 older girls helped us in the cemetery.

 Here we are at the church having lunch.

Dad helping Kamary over the fence. I think it was the first time our kids have ever jumped a fence-- pathetic.

After lunch the littlies came out and helped us work. Here's Lauren using the hoe.

Kohler tried out the rake.

Even Brynlie wanted to help out.

Pulling weeds out of a grave.

 We were satisfied to see that the little bit we did, made a difference.

Brynlie loved all of the colorful rocks.

One of the caretakers (not really a caretaker but she maps out the cemetery and records who is buried there) took the kids around and told them about the people that were buried there. It was a great experience for them and it made it even more personal for us to be helping. There were a lot of babies there. It was sad. She told us that in the 1920s the infant mortality rate was really high. There was no refrigeration and because of the Arizona heat, the food would get spoiled and the babies and children would get sick and die. So sad.

Jason teaching the kids the "proper" way to jump a fence.

On the way home, tired but happy after a day's work! :)

It was a great experience. My kids asked me if we could do that every Saturday! I don't know about that-- but we did enjoy working together as a family.

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