Sunday, June 27, 2010


Jason turned the big 40 this week. So to celebrate of course we had to get black balloons.
Brynlie had a lot of fun playing with them

Every year he has cheesecake for his birthday. I guess when you're 40, you're pretty set in your ways.

Hanna & Dad. I think she's going for The Incredible Hulk look...her latest obsession.

I like this shot of Jason. He's watching Brynlie play with the balloons.

Of course we forgot the candles again. It would have been pretty cool to have 40 blaring candles on the cake, but we put 4 fat tea candles, one for each decade. Yes half of my children are unclothed but really, when it's 112 degrees outside...

You would think it was her birthday will all that mess!

Jason's birthday always falls around Father's Day.

This was the card the kids made for Dad. They came up with the sayings by themselves (with just minimal help from mom). Alyssa came up with the "mounds" one. I thought it was pretty creative!

Kamary performed a vantriloquist act with her as the vantriloquist and Lauren as the dummy. It was cute, but the dummy didn't always do what Kamary wanted. :)

We love having holidays because it gives us something to look forward to during the day to day grind.

A little spotlight on Jason:

Favorite Color: Green (although we told Hanna years ago that it was white and that has always stuck).

Favorite Food: Mexican (really anything with Jalepenos in it)

Favorite Music: He won't admit it, but if the drums are great... he loves it. Right now he listens to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Chick Corea and any other music that I call "way to busy". :)

Favorite Movie: This is a hard one, but I would probably say his all time favorite is Lord of the Rings. He also likes Raising Arizona, Undercover Blues and What about Bob...things that make him laugh.

Favorite Activity: When he comes home from work he likes to unwind by playing the drums or his guitar.

He is known in the household as the "Funny Man". He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh. He still makes me laugh after 13 years. That's pretty good.

He works at University of Phoenix as an academic counselor and just graduated with his MBA. We love him and are grateful for all he does for our family.

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