Sunday, June 13, 2010

Amazing Jake's

For the end of the year report cards Kamary and Alyssa got the principal's award and Hanna got on the honor roll. We were so proud of them. So to celebrate Grandma & Grandpa took us to Amazing Jake's. We had never been before but we had a great time. They gave kids points for each A & B that they earned on their report card. So they each got $6-$7 to spend on the rides and games.
Eating yummy ice cream at the buffet.

Kohler and Lauren in the teacups.

Kamary and Alyssa in the teacups

Kamary rides the train

Grandma & Brynlie on the carousel. B. was so tired it almost put her to sleep.

Brynlie & Daddy

Everyone playing the spider web game to get tickets

This game was like Wack a Mole.
We had a great time. Lauren keeps talking about it. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa and thanks kids for working so hard in school!!

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pdwheeler said...

Fun memories and we miss you and the kids too.