Sunday, June 13, 2010

Slide Rock

For Memorial Day we went up to Slide Rock near Sedona. From there Grandma & Grandpa headed North toward home. We we sad to see them go. They were probably glad to leave the chaos behind however. :)

Here are some pics of our fun at Slide Rock.


Wading in the water. It was cold at first but felt good once you got used to it.

Alyssa exploring, heading toward the slide. She went down a mini one.

Love that face!

And this face.

Crawling up the slide. The rock is really slippery so you have to be careful.

Playing in the water. Kamary decided that Slide Rock is a pretty fun place after all!

Playing in the rocks

I thought B. wouldn't want to get in the water. But I was wrong.

Trying to protect her head from the sun.

On the way home, B. tried on Hanna's glasses.

We had a great time and miss Grandma & Grandpa already!


Kristal said...

We're going to have to drive up there sometime to check that out.

pdwheeler said...

We realized after we left that we had forgotten to take pictures. We are glad that you got some.