Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Pics

These are some random pictures from our trip to Utah.

These are the two Kohlers!
My cousin had a boy (and named him Kohler) just 2 weeks before our Kohler was born. There is a story about how the two Kohlers came to be, but I won't bore you with it. Needless to say, Kohler was very excited to find another boy that shares his name!

Here are our friends (the kids anyway) from Smithfield, the Turners! We had a great BBQ together.

Brynlie met a new friend, Anna Leisa Turner.

Here are our other Turner friends (no relation to the Turners above).

This is Kamber Turner, my missionary companion. We went through quite an experience together. I love her so much and love seeing her cute family.

Lauren fell alseep listening to her cousin, Cathryn's ipod. I thought it was so cute.

My sister in law, Char colored and cut my hair! She did a great job and it's so fun to have a change. She is great and we love her so much!

On our way home we wanted a change of scenery, so we went through Las Vegas. Here we are at Hoover Dam. After enjoying the nice weather in Utah, it was a bummer to go back to the desert heat!

Here it was 107 degrees outside. Everyone was pretty miserable. But the Dam was cool.

We had a great time in Utah and were so sad to go home. We really enjoy being with family and friends. I felt so loved and accepted there. We miss them already!!

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