Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Last week we celebrated Alyssa's 8th birthday! I know I say this all the time, but I really can't believe that she is already that old! Those 8 years flew by!!

Alyssa wanted a pirate ship cake for her birthday this year.

Ready to open presents

Alyssa loved all of her presents. She got a zhu zhu pet and legos from Grandma & Grandpa Smith. She also got a game and bath set.

Unfortunately her cake got shipwrecked and broke in half.

She still blew out the cannon candles

Cake & Ice Cream

Brynlie sure had a good time

Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler gave Alyssa a gift card to Build-a-Bear Workshop. This is what she got. Her puppy's name is Fluffy.

Alyssa loves to play games and have races, so we thought a Minute to Win It birthday party was the perfect fit.

The girls had to stack 5 apples. That's a lot harder than it looks. I think the highest tower was 4 apples.

We used the air from balloons to knock over empty soda cans

We also knocked over a pyramid of soda cans with rubber bands.

We bounced ping pong balls trying to stick it onto the bread with peanut butter.

This is called the baby rattle. The kids had to get the Gobstoppers from one bottle to the other. It didn't work too well because the bottles still had a little bit of water in them and the Gobstoppers got gooey and sticky. Woops.

We did the cup stacking race

And the kids had to keep a balloon in the air for a minute.

Here are all the kiddos. I think they had a good time.

We also made personal pizzas and had cupcakes and ice cream

Opening presents

It was a weekend full of celebration because we also had Martin Luther King day off, so we took the family to see Megamind. I actually really liked it. It had some funny parts that made me laugh out loud (that's a rare occurrence). It was a great weekend!

Fun Facts about Alyssa

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Crab

Favorite Book: Magic Treehouse

Favorite Movie: Scooby Doo

Favorite TV Show: Clifford

Favorite Song: A Year Without Rain

Favorite Scripture Story: The Birth of Jesus

Favorite Thing About School: (besides recess and lunch) Reading. She's also a member of the Running Club.

Fun Things to Do: Play with Barbies, Hang out with Mom, Play with Legos, Take a Bath, Play Games, Make Crafts, and Playing Piano

Talents: Alyssa is a very sweet girl and a good friend. She is really easy going and enjoys playing with others. She's a peacemaker in the home. She is good at doing her own hair and puts together interesting outfits. Sometimes she has a talent for being sneaky. :)

We sure love Alyssa. She holds a special place in the hearts of those she meets and we are so happy she's a part of our family.

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Kate said...

I want you to come up an plan my birthday party- that or I want to come to one of yours, you throw great parties. AND I want a Pirate Ship cake.