Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Kohler!

Kohler turned 6 at the beginning of December. When he was a baby I couldn't even imagine him being a big boy. Now look at him! He was so excited that it was his birthday. He had a countdown going on and brought treats to his class. Birthdays in Kindergarten are a big deal and the class was just as excited as Kohler.

Here is Kohler waiting for his birthday dinner. With some coercion from his older sister, he chose to have chicken, broccoli and rice.

Kohler had a bug cake. This was one of the easiest cakes to put together.
Blowing out the candle.

Opening presents.
He loved the Legos he got from Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler although his older sister confiscated it from him and put it together. We had to take it apart again so he could build with it. He also loved Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon) from Grandma & Grandpa Smith.

Cake & Ice Cream

This year we had a party for Kohler. He decided to have a Hot Wheels Party.

Everyone is coloring Hot Wheels pages.

Sometimes just free playtime is fun.

We made tires out of cardboard and threw bean bags through them.

Go, Kohler Go!

We made streetlights out of graham crackers and M&Ms.

Cannon Jones is showing his finished product.

We had a balloon pop game where they had to pop the balloons and find the checkered flag which they could trade in for a real Hot Wheels car.

Some balloons were hard to pop.

Of course, what is a Hot Wheels party without some racing?

Just playing with the cars is fun too.

Then we had cupcakes and ice cream.


Time to open presents.

Here's everyone!
Kohler had a great time and loved playing with his friends.

All about Kohler

Favorite Food: Corn on the cob

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Movie: Bolt

Favorite Song: I Love to See the Temple

Favorite Scripture Story: Shadrac, Meshack and Abendigo

Favorite Book: Lift the flap books

Favorite Thing About School: Making puppets (he's really good at crafts & building things)

Favorite Activity: Playing video games, Riding his new bike and Destroying things

Least Favorite Activity: Cleaning

Something Special: Kohler is an affectionate boy. He loves hugs and still sits in Mom's lap. He loves his hair stroked or his back scratched. He's a super fun boy and we love him!

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