Sunday, January 30, 2011

Total Randomness!

Here are some pictures of random happenings in the Smith household.

My neighbors and I just started a preschool co-op where each woman takes turns holding preschool in their home. Last week we took a field trip to the fire station. It was a lot of fun.

The firefighter was showing the kids what he looks like with his gear so they won't be afraid.

Then they got to try on his hat.

It was pretty heavy. Brynlie started swaying a little. :)

Here is everyone in front of the fire truck.

The kids got to try working out like a firefighter, except in this case I think he got more of a workout than they did!

Here's Brynlie's try at pull ups.

Lauren wanted to listen to my ipod. This is how I found her. :)

This is a common occurrence on Sundays. We have church right in the middle of the day so Brynlie misses her nap.

Alyssa had this loose tooth that she couldn't or a least didn't dare to pull out. One day her and Kamary were fighting and she tried to bite Kamary! Pop-out went the tooth!

Here is a sweet picture of Lauren and Minnie.

Life is crazy, but we love to catch these special moments! :)


Sara said...

I love random posts & pictures! Thanks for posting preschool ones...I'll have to "borrow" them. :)

AZ SMITHS said...

Actually I'm making a CD with all the pictures on them for y'all. I'll have it ready for Thursday's preschool. :)