Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Adventures of Kohler the Shark Boy

Kohler came running up and enthusiastically showed us his first loose teeth! Woo Hoo. When we looked in his mouth, we got a surprise.

 He had 2 rows of teeth! His bottom teeth were very impatient and decided to come in behind. The crazy thing is that he had seen the dentist 3 times in the past 3 weeks for check-ups and to fill cavities. They never said a word. I've brushed his teeth so many times and never even noticed. What a crazy surprise! So we've been calling him Shark Boy ever since.

I'm guessing this one will need braces.


Shannon said...

Kaylee has the same thing. She just lost her second bottom tooth...her teeth are quite crooked though...Kohler's look nice and straight. Hopefully Kaylee's will straigten out. This whole teeth coming in behind the babies must be a new fad. ;)

pdwheeler said...

I think they will all need braces.

Elhady Ortho said...

Your dentist should have caught this on an x-ray. He could have had his baby teeth extracted to avoid his adult tooth coming in from behind. Has he seen an orthodontist yet? A good age to bring a child in for a consult is age 7. Seems young, but it's to avoid situations like these! :)