Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alyssa becomes perfect!

Alyssa got baptized a couple of months ago. I love to see my children grow in their testimonies of the gospel. We've had a lot of great spiritual discussions with Alyssa. She was a little nervous that Dad would drop her, so we had some practice sessions just in case. Of course everything went great-- he didn't drop her and she didn't drown. She just came up out of the water, perfect. :)

 Here is Dad & Alyssa, all dressed and ready to go.

 When this picture was taken, Alyssa was one of the most perfect people on earth! Not a single blemish!
Some kids after they are baptized try super hard to stay perfect and then are devastated when they make a mistake. Not Alyssa, later on during the day she happily informed me that she hadn't had to repent very much that day (just a little)! :) Way to go, Alyssa!

 Here is everyone at the baptism. It was a great service and I really felt the spirit. Alyssa is a special daughter and she has a special spirit about her. She was so happy to get baptized she wanted to go and do it again!

Here we are with Alyssa. Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler gave her the beautiful white dress. Grandma & Grandpa Smith gave her a new set of scriptures with her name on it! She treasures both!

 Here we are...the whole clan. I can't believe how fast time flies. It's pretty cliche, but I really feel like my kids are growing up right before my eyes. The years just fly by so fast and before I know it, they will be gone. :(

Here's Alyssa with both sets of Grandparents. They sure love her and we do too!

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pdwheeler said...

It's great she has such a good attitude.