Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break

 We headed up north to the cold Utah weather for spring break. It had been at least 8 months since we visited family in Utah so we were very excited. It was also exciting to pull out our long sleeved shirts and pants. We're not quite ready for the Arizona summer heat and the kids were very excited to see snow.

I'm thankful for Netflix for helping to entertain the kids while I finished packing.

On our way to Grandma & Grandpa's we stopped at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We saw a miniature replica of the Salt Lake Temple. Jason and Kamary were in heaven! They both love miniatures.  The kids loved the fountains.

 Here is proof-- Hanna and Kamary do love each other (at least sometimes).

 Brynlie loved the water and the fountain.

 It was fun to see the spring flowers just starting to peek up out of the ground.

 It was such a beautiful day and the kids really loved Temple Square. In fact Kohler announced to everyone that he loved Sundays and Temple Square. He wants to live there.

 Smelling the spring flowers.

 Hanna thought this flower smelled like Root Beer. Weird.

 After Temple Square we headed to the Museum of Church History where they had a great hands on exhibit for the kids.

 Brynlie is planting a garden.

 Kohler and Lauren are preparing a huge feast to feed the missionaries.

 Hanna loved looking at the artifacts from previous prophets. The museum had things like a lock of Brigham Young's hair, eyeglasses and special mementos.

 She really loved the replica of the angel Moroni found on top of the LDS Temples.

 Brynlie got to dress up and dance a Mexican dance.

 I've been doing a fitness challenge the past several weeks and the last week of the challenge landed during Spring Break. My final challenge was to walk a 10K. My parents were very supportive. My dad mapped it out and they both walked it with me. It ended up being 10.5K and it was a beautiful morning. I loved walking along the mountains. Thanks Mom & Dad.

After playing hard, Brynlie fell asleep. 

This is my "after" picture having finished the challenge. Overall I lost 15 lbs and these clothes I'm wearing were too tight to wear before. Even though I have more to lose, it feels good and motivates me that it can be done.

During our stay, we went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum. Here Brynlie is trying out an ejection seat from a plane.

Pilot in training.

Here is true science at work.

Alyssa looks great in her pilot hat.

 Alyssa & Lauren are trying their hand at flying a plane. It's a flight simulator so if they look out the window, they really feel like they're flying.

 Here are the kids in front of a replica of the Wright Brothers' first plane. Everyone was getting pretty grumpy so here is our grumpy picture.

And then this is supposed to be our happy picture.

I thought it was a lot of fun looking at all the planes and helicopters, although Kamary felt it was wrong for us to enjoy the museum because all of the planes were used in war. Kamary is our little tree hugger.

Here's Hanna in front of some missiles. I got this shot because now she's a teenager and emotionally like a missile (she could blow at anytime). Really, Hanna is a good teenager and pretty cooperative. She has her moments, but don't we all?

It was a great Spring Break. We all had a great time visiting family and just being together without the stresses of life.

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Janus said...

You look AMAZING!! What a great accomplishment. Right now, I'm training to run a 5k. It's not easy and every time I do it, I ask myself...."I can't believe people do this for fun!?!" I'm sure it's going to get easier, but right now, I'm in the phase of....."I"m not liking this very much."

I'm glad you could visit family for spring break. Love all your pictures.