Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Hanna!

Well, it's official...I'm the parent of a teenager. Hanna turned 13 a couple of months ago. It's actually a strange feeling because I remember turning 13 and telling myself, "Yeah, I'm finally a teenager!"

She's definitely excited about being a teenager and has this strange notion that she can do whatever she wants. Little does she know...;)

We had a birthday party for Hanna this year. She wanted to have a movie night. I was kind of stressing about it because I wanted it to be fun and appropriate without being childish. I think it turned out great.

Here's Hanna getting the snack table ready. She chose all the snacks herself. She had popcorn (of course), wedding punch, hot lime cheetos, potato chips with onion dip, snack size candy bars and chips and salsa. It was a hit! The girls plowed through them pretty quickly.

 When the kids arrived we played a celebrity game where I placed stars on their back with movie character's names (like Harry Potter) and they had to guess who they were.

Watching the movie-- Galaxy Quest

 Party Favors. Inside was microwave popcorn and a box of movie theater candy.

 After the movie we had Hanna open her presents. It was really late at night and it took a LONG time because Hanna was so tired, but her friends knew her well and gave her some great stuff. She really liked it.

Having cake and ice cream at 10:00 pm. You can only get away with that as a teenager right? ;)

The Girls (from L to R): Hannah, Hope, McKenna, Marie, Sierra, Kassandra & Hanna. I'm really glad that Hanna goes to school with such a great group of girls.

 While waiting for parents to arrive, they played Apples to Apples, one of Hanna's favorite games.

I felt like the party went really well (I worried for nothing) and Hanna had a great time. Even Kamary gave her stamp of approval saying that it was a cool party.

Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler were able to come down and be with us for Hanna's actual birthday! She was happy that they could celebrate this milestone with her-- after all, you don't become a teenager every day!

Look at all those candles! She chose to have cheesecake because she's too old for cutsie cakes.

She didn't quite get them in all one breath-- she must be getting old!

Here she is opening presents. She got an MP3 player, some CDs, bath & body stuff, a Build-a-Bear and some puzzles. She also found roses and balloons in her room when she got home from school.

 Hanna keeps asking us why we're not as excited as she is at becoming a teenager. Well, we have our reasons...but Hanna is a great kid and makes a lot of great choices. We're really happy that she is in our family...teenager or not. :)

Fun Facts

Favorite Color
It was red for years and years. Now it depends on the day. Right now she likes purple and black.

Favorite Food
Right now she's on a jalepeno and Hot Lime Cheeto kick, she also likes KFC

Favorite Movie
Her all time favorite is the Incredible Hulk, although she likes a lot of different movies

Favorite Book
She just finished Peter Pan and the Shadowthieves and is reading Guardians of Gahoole. She's likes books full of adventure.

Favorite Activity
Art and Painting. She's always looking at pictures and things that she can paint. She has to earn money for her church's Girls Camp this year and has decided to paint pictures and have a fundraiser art show. It should be great!

Favorite Sport

Favorite Song
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. She also likes movie sountracks.

Favorite School Subject
Art & Reading

Other activities
Going to the Zoo, Watching movies, Playing the flute. She loves to try new things. She's always looking for an adventure.

What she wants to be when she grows up
A Zookeeper or an Explorer that travels the world observing and painting animals.

Something Special about Hanna
Hanna has read the entire Book of Mormon by herself, just finished the Doctrine and Covenants and is half way through the Pearl of Great Price. She just reads a little each night and pretty soon she's read the entire thing. She's a great example. Also, as she tries to deal with her seizures she has increased her testimony in prayer, faith and patience. We sure love Hanna for all the wonderful things she brings to our family.

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We love Hanna and her special spirit.