Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Since we have a big family we try to make birthdays a special day where that family member feels special and loved. And Mother is no different!  I woke up to sweet Happy Birthday wishes. I received a lot of drawn pictures, homemade jewelry and hugs. Too bad my kids didn't get the memo--no fighting or whining on Mom's birthday. But they were very thoughtful and sweet (for the most part).

I had my daughters take a birthday picture of me. Not the best quality or the best picture of me, but here it is...

My kids helped me make German Pancakes with strawberries and vanilla pudding for breakfast and my hubby has been SO good to me. He made my birthday Black Forest Cherry Pie. Yum.

He also made Chicken Parmigiana for dinner.  On Friday for my present he took me to the Sea Life Aquarium here in Tempe and then I went to see The King's Speech with my Sister-in-law. It really was a great day. My parents gave me some money and so I'm getting a Kindle (one that really works). I'm excited about that!

I usually spotlight my kids on their Birthday so they can see how they've changed. I'm probably set in my ways by now, but I thought I'd do the same thing. So here goes...

Fun Facts

Favorite Color

Favorite Book
 Harry Potter Series is my ultimate fav but I also love a good clean romance 

Favorite Movie
 Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth--I'm not ashamed)

Favorite Food
 Hmmm...that's a hard one. Probably a good old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner

Favorite Sport
 Figure Skating

Favorite Scripture Story
 Joseph in Egypt

Favorite Song
 I have too many to choose a favorite, but right now I'm on a Mozart kick-- he composed some of the most beautiful melodies.

Favorite Band
Rascal Flatts

Favorite TV Show
 American Idol. It's really the only show I watch.

 Reading, Writing, Reading some more, sewing, and music.

 I still have a list of places I'd like to visit: China, Hawaii, Egypt, Greece, Portugal to name a few. I love the ocean. I'd like to learn how to scuba dive and explore the Cayman Islands, Florida Keyes and anywhere else that marine life are found. I'd love a Victorian Cottage along the beach...Cape May, New Jersey comes to mind. Or maybe a house in the country where I walk outside and take in the beautiful nature scene of green trees, wildflowers and maybe a mountain spring nearby. Ahhhh.

What I want to be when I grow up
 Besides my main job of being a mother, I'd like to teach Preschool or Kindergarten, get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in music composition and creative writing.

The thing I love most (besides my family of course)
 Silence (probably because I don't get much of it) :)

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pdwheeler said...

I like you cute glasses. Love the pictures of Brynlie especially the ones with the white flower in her hair.