Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hiking South Mountain

While my parents were here in February we decided to hike South Mountain. It's not quite like hiking in Utah. It's actually very hot, sunny and dusty. But I guess hiking in Arizona can be an interesting experience. The scenery is different anyway.

 Here we are at the trailhead

 Grandma, Brynlie & Lauren on the trail

 Hiking up the hill

 Here we are at a rest stop

Lauren taking a rest

 Brynlie had some help but did really well for a 2 year old

 Lauren & Grandma

 Brynlie and Lauren posing on a rock

 We climbed up the top of the mountain (more like a large hill)

I was really suprised at how well the kids did. We hiked for about 2 hours.

 My dad reminded me of Gandalf with his tall walking stick

 I love this picture. Jason's looking out on the Phoenix Valley trying to see if he can spot his work. Brynlie makes this cute face a lot.

 Resting again

 Having a little snack

Brynlie didn't like the pretzels.

We had a fun time. It was nice to get out and enjoy nature, even if it is dry and dusty nature. :)

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Kristal said...

Last year we tried Mormon Trail. That was too difficult for our little ones. This year we did Telegraph {Pass?} and it was great! I like S. Mtn. I want to try something on Estrella next, I think...