Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation!

This past week we celebrated Kohler's Kindergarten Graduation. We were able to use the school's brand new Multipurpose room!  We are so excited for the new building!

The kids were so cute. I really love Kindergarten age. They are so excited about life and learning.

 Here are Lauren and Brynlie waiting for the ceremony to start

 Kohler in his seat. He's such a Ham!

 Waiting to get his diploma

 Kohler and Ashlyn Sneider. He claims adamantly that she is NOT his girlfriend. :)

 Kohler and Brynlie

 Getting his diploma. I was bummed because I had the camera ready to get the perfect shot of the hand shake with the principal but the flash caused a delay, so this is the shot I got.

 Hail the conquering graduate

 The after graduation class party!

Here is Kohler with his teacher, Ms. Sermeno. She is so great! This year Kohler learned to be a leader and has discovered several talents. He's also a good reader.

Kohler, Alyssa, Brynlie and Lauren outside of the school. Next year they get to be in the new building!  Yipee!

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Canada Toronto East Mission said...

What a fun time. Kohler is growing up. This is a new step forward.