Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter just being together as a family. We had a nice dinner, an egg hunt and dyed hard boiled eggs. It was a busy day, but nice. Since Easter was so late this year, I decided to sew dresses for all the girls.

 The weather was mild but very windy.

Here is a picture inside the house (it was hard to get the kids to hold still-- probably because they were hopped up on so much sugar).

We had a little Easter miracle this year. We visited the Easter Pageant at the Mesa LDS Temple and while we were waiting for the production to start, Brynlie wandered off. There were hundreds, maybe a few thousand people in attendance. We had no idea where to find her. So I said a prayer and started walking around, trying to follow my heart of where I should go. I didn't know that the flagpole was the "designated" spot to find lost children, but that's where I ended up walking. An Usher had Brynlie and as I walked by, Brynlie saw me and started calling out to me. Soon the Usher caught up with me and Brynlie was back in my arms! The whole thing took about 5 minutes. I'm very thankful for prayer, the Holy Ghost and our Easter miracle.

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