Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Glimpse into Kamary's mind.

This is just an example of Kamary's (9 yrs. old) train of thought. She is a very bright and creative girl. She thinks "outside" the box, which sometimes gets her in trouble at school (when she doesn't want to do her work), but it's really a gift.

Background: Hanna lost a black folder with a bunch of art she had done. This loss devistated her and she prayed to find it, but didn't. She was very discouraged and felt that maybe God didn't hear her prayers. I encouraged her to keep praying and that sometimes the answers are not when we want them or even what we want them to be. That was about 2 months ago.

Kamary and some girls in her class are getting together and making crafts & lemonade to sell for charity to help the people in Haiti. She was getting into a drawer full of notebooks to write down all the things she needs and there, sitting in the drawer-- Hanna's black notebook!!

Hanna was sooooo excited to have her notebook back. And we talked about how God did answer her prayers, but tried her faith first.

I was talking to Kamary, telling her that she had helped God answer Hanna's prayer and she said- "So that's why God let the bad things happen in Haiti!"


"God let the earthquake come to Haiti, which made Kaitlyn M. and the girls in my class want to do a charity, and then they invited me and then I decided to join them, which made me look into my drawer and find Hanna's notebook and answer her prayer!"

Wow- that's quite a chain of events. Then she continued "So now I get it! That's why bad things happen. There might be cracks in the road and hard things, but it leads to a good road. So it's better to go down the road than not try at all."

What an amazing train of thought!

Both Kamary and Hanna wrote about their experiences in their journals tonight!!


Jen said...

You have great kids! You obviously are teaching them right!

Sara said...

It's so neat the way we each learn in our own way and how special that your girls still share their deep thoughts with you! Love the family photo up top, by the way!

Rachael said...

That's amazing. I have a little sister named Kemarie, different spelling, similar pronunciation. She has also always had gifts of creativity, and ability to connect things with wisdom far beyond her years. She's written over two dozen songs as a self taught pianist and guitarist, with lyrics and melodies that make me cry every time I hear them.
Anyway, you are doing such a great job in raising your kids!
Thanks for sharing :)