Sunday, January 10, 2010


After Christmas we went up to Utah to visit family.

Jason's sister Lynette and her family just moved to Utah from Georgia. We are very excited that now it only takes 1 day travel to visit instead of 4!!

Lynette's 2 oldest girls, Cathryn & Rachel with a lap full of kiddos!

Rachel & Brynlie. This is Brynlie's relaxing stance- she does it all the time!

Lynette & Brynlie

Brynlie is such a tease. She hold out her arm toward you as if she's going to be nice and then scratches. She likes the reaction. Here, Lynette is catching her "in the act".

For New Years Eve, we played games and had some rounds of arm wrestling.

Rachel & Cathryn watched the kids while the adults went out for dinner! It was so fun to be together!

Kohler and his cousin Curtis had so much fun together. They didn't fight at all and just played all day long! Both boys enjoyed doing "boy things", since they both only have sisters!!

Kamary and her cousin Marianne had a great time too~ connected at the hip!

While we were up in Logan, we took Hanna and Alyssa ice skating at Merlin Olsen Park. When I was a kid, I would always go ice skating there. It was strange but fun to take my kids there. I felt a little old. I love ice skating though and we haven't been in so long!

Trying to stay up.

Getting the hang of it.

Dad & Alyssa.

Fun times!

I'm doing it!

Hanna had a great time!

Alyssa fell a lot!

After skating we went back and took all the kids sledding!

Lauren going down the hill.

Woo Hoo!

I even went down the hill!

At the top of the hill.

Dad and Brynlie ready to go down the hill.
My kids love to dress up! My dad decided to get out some of the costumes and international clothing that they had. The kids had a fashion show and had a great time "dressing up".

Alyssa wore this outfit all day!

African Princess

Silly Kids!

My mom collects piano music boxes. Much to Jason's dismay, the kids loved this one and kept playing it over and over!

My parents have a balcony and Kamary got the idea to tie a basket to some rope and create a delivery service.

Brynlie getting a surprise.

It was FREEZING in Utah!

Whenever we go up to Logan, Kamary likes to stay in the upstairs guest room.

Playing Checkers with Grandma.

Thanks to Mom & Dad Smith we were able to take two days to travel home and went by Arches National Park.

Here we are at Balanced Rock. It surprised me how cold it was there. I had thought being a desert that it would be warmer.

This is the Delicate Arch viewpoint.

There was a beautiful sunset.

Double arch.

I had just read a book called "The Undaunted" about the Mormon Hole-in-the-rock pioneers. We stopped in Bluff, where they had finally settled. It was fun to see some of the countryside that I had read about.

We traveled through the reservation and stopped in Monument Valley.

We finally got home and the kids were excited to see all their Christmas presents waiting to play with. It was good to be home, but we really enjoyed seeing family.


Kristal said...

Glad I'm not the only one catching up from Christmas! I just loved looking through your pictures with the music playing. Perfect :)

Rachael said...

I can't believe we were in Logan at the same time! Next time you're heading north, let me know! I'd love to meet up!!!

(Oh, and Happy New Year!)