Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Kohler

We had 3 holidays in one week! Lauren's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Kohler's birthday!
Kohler turned the big 5 this year and feels very "Big".
At one time, Jason wanted crab and shrimp for his birthday dinner~ now all the kids ask for that dinner. We didn't realize he was starting a tradition!

Kohler's crab & shrimp dinner

Jason and the kids like an internet site called "Homestar Runner". It has little cartoon movies on it. Strong Bad is one of the characters and that is what Kohler wanted on his birthday cake!

Instead of birthday hats we got birthday masks!

Now THAT is scary!!

Kohler's presents

He got some jungle animals from Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler

And some super hero cars from Grandma & Grandpa Smith

We decided to switch things up a little and get a pinata! They each got 3 swings.

Hanna ended up busting it open! The kids were more excited about hitting the pinata than what was inside!

Kamary found a good use for the leftovers!

Blowing out the candles.

We found a way to use all of the balloons!

Alyssa decided to join Brynlie!

We had a great time and are very glad that Kohler is in our family!
Fun Facts:
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Song: Anything Michael Jackson
Favorite Movie: Up
Favorite Story: Maybe a Bear Ate It
Best Friend: Christian Beckstead
Favorite Activity: Play Video Games
Favorite Toys: Cars
Favorite Food: Cold Cereal
Other Fun Facts:
*Kohler goes to Kindergarten (early Kindergarten) and is already learning to read and spell. We were looking at a book and all of a sudden he was reading the words "Can you see". I was very surprised!
*He loves to learn and loves to play!
*He is very silly and ALL BOY.
*He can make Brynlie laugh better than anyone else.
*He still loves snuggles from Mom & Dad!
We love you Kohler!!


Shannon said...

so fun!

Kristal said...

LOL Fav song: anything Michael Jackson and the last post "blackmail at a later date" hehehehe LOVE IT :)