Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Arizona for almost 7 years! She was about 6 months old when we moved down here! That is the longest we have been in any one state!

Having a big family, I really try to make my kids feel special on their Birthday. It's not about spending a lot of money, but just giving them extra attention and really focusing on them that day. They don't have to do chores, they get to choose their birthday dinner and cake. We try to do special things and let them know we love them. The kids are great too because all day long they are nicer and really try to make the day special for their sibling. Little Lauren sang "Happy Birthday" to Alyssa many times throughout the day!

For Alyssa, I wanted to do something fun-- just the two of us! So we went to Cold Stone Creamery and I took her to see Princess and the Frog. The other girls were so jealous! And although I don't encourage jealousy-- it did make Alyssa feel extra special, knowing that they really wanted to go too.

Alyssa got chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.

While we ate our ice cream, we watched the fountain at the mall. Sometimes they do a fountain show to music. It's fun to watch.

Here we are together. It's like pulling teeth to get Alyssa to look at the camera!
We had a great time at the movie.

For dinner, Alyssa wanted Ramen Noodles. So we made a chicken soup out of it.

Alyssa wanted a store bought cake, which was fine with me because after having 4 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years, within 2 months-- I needed a break!
The only thing Alyssa cared about on her cake was that it had roses on it! I found this one for a great price and it was so pretty and yummy! The frosting was whip cream-- not the super sweet kind that gives me the shivers.
Instead of regular balloons- we got the big punching balloons for everyone.

I didn't realize they would start using them against each other!

Hanna found some interesting uses for them too!

Alyssa with her stash!

Dad was making Alyssa laugh! I love to hear her laugh-- it lights up the room.

She got a pretty pony playhouse from Grandma & Grandpa Smith (plus some cash- yeah)

All she asked for was a snowglobe! This one has Snow White in the middle with the 7 dwarfs around the bottom. She really liked it.

Grandma & Grandpa Wheeler gave her a Webkinz. She loved it and couldn't wait to get on the computer! She was in a silly mood when we took this picture.

We got candy necklaces for everyone to wear.

Blowing out the candles!
Fun Facts:

Alyssa is very easy going and content. She just goes with the flow. I tried to figure out her favorites, but she just likes everything-- here is what I could get.

Favorite Color: Purple (that was a definite)

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Song: She likes whatever, but she really wanted Eternal Flame from the Bangles on her playlist

Favorite Movie: She watches whatever, but really enjoys animated movies

Favorite Book: She has just started getting into books. She doesn't have a favorite, but will stay up after bedtime with a pile of books.

Favorite Activity: Playing- Alyssa is so playful. She loves to tease and play with others. She's a great friend and gets along with others so well, no matter what their age. She is also a peacemaker.

Favorite Thing About School: PE- she's really good at sports

Nicknames: Sunshine girl, Poopy lou, Lyssa lou

Other Facts: Alyssa is a very special girl. I call her my sunshine girl because she is so happy. Her laugh lights up my world and I love when I get hugs from her. Like I said, she's a peacemaker and a great friend. She gets along with even the difficult personalities. She still sleeps with her purple blanket I made when she was born and when she cries, it breaks my heart.
We love Alyssa!
She truly makes our family brighter-- I don't know what we would do without her!!


Sara said...

What a fun birthday! I love your ways of celebrating and making each kiddo feel so special. Cute blog background, too. :)

Kristal said...

How fun! Are you sick of the punch balloons yet? The Three Kings left each kid one here and I think they all finally popped. They were so annoying after the first day or so (I should've thought that through better, I guess) LOL :)